A Brief Introduction to Hollywood’s Greatest Films

Movies are some of the most entertaining and important art forms of our time. They have entertained and taught us for decades. In recent years, movies have gained increasing attention as an entertainment medium as more people enjoy watching movies on the big screen. In addition, more movies are being released on DVD to maximize viewing pleasure. Whether you are in the mood for a thriller or comedy or would just like to relax and unwind with a good movie, there is a wide selection of movies available to entertain you.


Currently, the biggest film genres are the action and adventure categories. The two main film genres of today are action and romance genre movies. An action film, which can be loosely defined as a film with plots that revolve around non-confrontational fighting sequences and which uses guns or other weapons, and which take the action outside the real world, is usually shot in Hollywood as Hollywood is considered the epicenter of the film industry. An adventure film is usually shot in the exotic locales of countries such as Canada or Iceland, or on location places in South America, Asia or Africa. Romance films fall under this category.

In terms of themes, most movies that are successful are based on some kind of conflict between the protagonist (the person watching the movie) and the antagonist(s), although there are exceptions, such as the classic war film Easy Rider. In contemporary cinema, the two most popular genres are comedy and drama. Comedy films address issues such as social interaction, family dysfunction, human nature, and the absurd using clever comic acting to tell the story. Dramatic films, on the other hand, are about great struggles and emotions while showing the characters overcoming them, either through personal struggles or against overwhelming odds. There are also other sub-genres such as horror, science fiction and action movies.