Top 10 Movies to Watch on Halloween

The Top 10 Movies to watch list is constantly changing, but there are a few constants. For instance, The Wizard of Oz is always at the top of the list as it reminds us of those early days when everything was golden, and even today there are still people who marvel at the magic of Oz. It’s no surprise that The Wizard of Oz is at the top of the list as it’s just so beautiful to look at. And The Lord of the Rings also makes the cut every time I consider one of those movies to watch. One of the things I love about those two films is the simplicity with which they are shot, the amazing visual FX and the acting talent that goes into making that trilogy so great.

Now the big question is how can you decide what movie to see on Halloween, or what movies to look forward to when the big release date of theaters rolls around each year. Well, one answer is the Top 10 Movies to watch list that I have mentioned above, and another is the “preview” feature that many movie sites have these days. When you are looking for movies to watch on Halloween, you want to make sure that you go to a site that offers a wide variety of trailers for movies that are coming out. This way you can choose the ones that you want and the movies that you might want to miss out on.

A couple of movies that are showing up in previews are The Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Shape. The Shape is the very first animated film that was ever shown on television, and for that reason it is always worth a look when you are looking for a good horror movie to watch on Halloween. While it isn’t widely considered a horror film, but if you like that style you will love The Fantastic Mr. Fox. I have seen The Fantastic Mr. Fox and it is quite enjoyable as a cartoon, though I wouldn’t say that it is that great of a cartoon. But it is an animated film that is truly inspirational and fun, and it will make you think of some pretty lame excuses for not watching the movie that you are seeking to see. In my opinion, The Shape is the best horror movies to watch on Halloween.