Top 10 Movies to Watch

The list of the top 10 movies to watch is an interesting one. The movie I think is the top contender is the movie called The Cable Guy. It stars Steve Martin as a talk show host who is often seen on TV. The movie just came out, so it may not be at the top contenders for the movie of the year, but it’s worth a look just in case it gets lost in all the other great movies.

top 10 movies to watch

Another great movie on the list is The Informant! starring Michael Caine. This movie is about a man who works for the CIA. I’m not sure if he’s as funny as he looks on TV, but this movie had me laughing from beginning to end.

Another great movie on the list is Love Actually. This movie was one of my favorites when it came out and it still is. It’s a funny movie that’s worth a look to anyone looking for a good watch list of top movies to watch. pull up the list at any time to find the movies you want to watch. as a TV news reporter that getting fired from his job because of his wild stories he’s been doing. He then turns to a new profession as a radio call-in show hosts. He quickly becomes popular though, so he goes back to doing what he does best. A lot of laughter occurs throughout the movie due to Martin’s impressions of the bosses and news reporters.

If you’re looking for some movies, you can start watching on this list. It may not make sense right away, but I can assure you that after you see these movies you will understand what I’m talking about. They have great story lines, some great acting, and are some of the most memorable movies to come out in recent memory. I would highly recommend them.