A Brief History of Movies

Movies, also known as a motion picture, short video, or short film, is a form of artistic video art intended to simulate real events that convey emotions, ideas, themes, beauty, or environment through the use of images. The term “movies” can refer to any number of different types of videos. For example, movies can be TV shows, stage plays, independent films, music videos, home videos, animation films, commercials, and video games.


Movies are intended to tell stories by using images to tell the story. Movies are the mass media form of art that has had a tremendous effect on the art industry. Movies have enabled artists to tell stories through their motion pictures that are widely available across the United States and Europe. Movies are the most popular of all forms of art films; however, a short amount of motion pictures have been produced since the early twentieth century. Movies are the leading medium of mass entertainment in the modern era.

Movies theaters are an important part of our culture and are available in almost every major city. Movie theaters are operated by individual movie theaters, large chains of theaters, multiplexes, international theaters, video complexes, kiosks, concession stands, and franchise theaters. Movie theaters are designed to show a selection of the latest and greatest feature films, animated motion pictures, short films, family movies and standard motion pictures. Motion picture theaters generally provide a complete home entertainment system with a DVD or other compact video device and sometimes include cable television.