Top 10 Movies to Watch – A Compelling List!

The list of the top 10 movies to watch is a culmination of the film critics of all the various types of movie lovers around the world. This is one of the categories which is usually looked upon with great admiration by those people who love to watch movies in any form and shape or form. One reason as to why this particular film is looked upon so highly is that the director, Yuichiro Miura, did a wonderful job in making this film. His expertise is something that cannot be questioned and it has ensured that people are looking forward to his films from every corner of the world. Now, since we are looking at the list of the top 10 movies to watch, we can look at the criteria used to judge this film and see if it can get the approval of people all over the world.

top 10 movies to watch

The first criteria which is used in deciding the list of the top ten movies to watch is the story. The movie should have a strong storyline and must also be very interesting and engrossing. Another important factor which is considered here is the acting which is done by the main actors in the movie. Every single actor in the movie must be able to portray the character well and therefore this will make the movie interesting and entertaining for the viewers.

The next criterion for making the list of the top movies to watch is the animation and the special effects which are used in the movie. Only when the special effects are good enough, will the movie become a hit among the viewers. When we look at the list, we find that one movie stands above the rest; that movie is Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. This movie in fact, along with the other two movies has won many awards during its theatrical run and hence, is considered as one of the best animated movies ever made.